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Moda Mine searches all over the world to discover and develop emerging talents and bring them successfully to market, matching them with the ideal retail partners.

Get ready for succes - Get ready for succes -

It’s only a matter of time - all diamonds start as coal. The question is, who will find it first?

Calculated risk-taking, pioneering new approaches, and commitment to our creative partners are the keys to our success and theirs and have now come to form the foundation of our consultancy. We believe in maintaining an out-of-the-box, progressive mindset. We believe both the designer and the right retail partner should be ready to capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves.

We believe in partnerships with a shared purpose, where both parties are striving for significant shared outcomes. When you work with us, you should expect a collaboration with transparency, consistency and innovation. Want to learn more? Contact us today for an initial consultation.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Skip the rhinestones…we’ve unearthed the diamonds.


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Diamonds are proof that change is mandatory for extraordinary results.

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Diamonds are merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.

I approach the role of consultancy from a dual viewpoint – that of the retailer and that of the designer. As a former retailer in a luxury sector which presented roadblocks to newcomers, I was forced to consider alternative paths to discovering designers outside of the channels traditionally used at the time. In the process, I realized I had a unique ability to identify emerging talent and pioneered strategies to navigate a path to bring that talent successfully to the U.S. market. I also learned that my out-of-the-box, creative problem solving gave me the unique (flex-)ability to address the specific needs and goals of each designer – whether in regards to brand development, marketing strategies, or navigating distribution and growth. Whatever we faced we faced together because I always invested in the overall interests of the creatives I believed in, including but also beyond my own interests as their retailer. 

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I did this because I realized that for retailers and designers to truly succeed, they had to work in tandem for the long-term goals of one another – the success of my creatives was as much my responsibility as it was theirs and vice versa. With each brand a new, nuanced set of needs and challenges presented itself, requiring a fresh approach and a unique strategy, but always with the same target – to get them where they ultimately wanted to be. With each success it became more and more evident that my true passion lay in helping the designers that I truly believed in achieve their full potential, while at the same time building a strong, synergistic relationship with them. This love – for designers and their work, for creative problem solving, for meeting challenges where they present themselves and overcoming them – was what led to the creation of ModaMine.

– Constantina Maroulis Sweeney

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